Sketches from SAM and Frye

My classmates and I visited museums to study baroque and neoclassical paintings. For me, it’s more like having fun than serious study.

We sketched several thumbnails for those paintings. I have to say that only by sketching can you notice how they made decisions of assigning light and dark to a picture. There’re many paintings I haven’t seen before, and they give me inspirations to make new things. And the paintings look much better than those images on the internet. Study with physical materials always give me surprise.


“Saint Augustine in Ecstasy”. Bartolomé Esteban Murillo.
c. 1665-75.Oil on Canvas.


My favorite part of “Saint Augustine in Ecstasy”


The Virgin Presenting the Rosary to Saint Dominic. Georges de la Tour.
Oil on canvas. 123.8 x 108.6 cm. Seattle Art Museum.


The Shepherdess, William Adolphe Bouguereau.
1873 165.1×87.6cm


Part of The Shepherdess.
This is a photo I took. Much better than the upper images! And the real painting is even more fabulous!

It’s very convenient to sketch in a museum. The only shortage is there’s no color.

My sketch book:




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