Qin Dynasty(221BC-207BC)

Terracotta Warriors (221BC-207BC). Shanxi, China.




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Composition Terracotta Warriors stand in square, with commanders and horses in the front of the whole army.

Scale They’re real-human sized.

Color Black was popular during Qin. Thus their armors are black. And a large part of their body is dark. Only some skin color and a small amount of red showing the sewing seams are light-colored. Most of them lost colors within 5 min after unearthing. The color restorations now days are too pure for them.

Line Compared to Greek statues, their lines are pretty round (round shoulders, cylindrical legs, etc).

Pattern/Texture They show the detail of the armors and hairstyles precisely.

My sketches

S3300Tesla15011314070_0001 S3300Tesla15011314580_0001

Sketching is a good way to learn stuff such as the costume structures, hair style and facial features. I try to draw realistically to be useful in game art, not always following their style.

See more at Emperor Qinshihuang’s Mausoleum Site Museum: http://www.bmy.com.cn/



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